WHERE TO START: The most popular call contest being run with LevelEleven partners is one that rewards participants for closing deals.  Closing deal contests are often based on total $$ brought in during the contest timeframe, % to goal for the respective timeframe, or sometimes even the number of new sales closed during the contest timeframe.

In Celebration of the NBA Finals
NAME: Make it a Slam Dunk (closing deals)
NAME: Lookin’ for the Buzzer Beater (best used near the end of the month/quarter)
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Custom Bobblehead of the winner in their favorite NBA team shirtESPN Tabletop Basketball 

In Celebration of the Stanley Cup Finals
NAME: Scoring on a Power Play
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Power Play (The winner can anyone below him do something silly, 2nd place can make anyone below him do something silly, this happens for all places except last encouraging the person in last to move up and not have to do something)

Candy Month
NAME: CadBURY the Competition
NAME: ToblerOWN the Competition
NAME: Pixie STICK it to the Competition
NAME: Three MuskeTEAR the Competition Apart
NAME: 100 GRAND of Sales
NAME: SKOR New Sales
POSSIBLE PRIZES: A basket made up of all types of candy (make it extra fun by buying candy from the winner’s childhood days); if budget is an issue, give the winner a Peppermint PATty on the back

Based on Jaguar’s Ad Slogan, “Don’t Dream It. Drive It”
NAME: Don’t Dream It. Sell It.
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Free luxury car rental for a weekend