WHERE TO START: The most popular lead contest being run with LevelEleven partners is one that rewards participants for converting leads

Don’t stop there, however!  Design a contest that rewards the lead response time of your participants, one that rewards participants for generating leads, a contest that is based on prospecting, and/or one that rewards participants for new leads generated when bringing a new product to market.

Candy Month
NAME: Swedish Fish(ing) for New Leads
NAME: Cadbury Eggs-cellent Leads
NAME: SKOR New Leads
POSSIBLE PRIZES: A basket made up of all types of candy (make it extra fun by buying candy from the winner’s childhood days); organize a candy buffet (made up of all different types of candy) in which the winner(s) get to fill up a basket with the candy of their choice; if budget is an issue, award the winner a Peppermint PATty on the back from your CEO/President (or even better, have everyone line up in the office to give the winner a pat on the back)