WHERE TO START: The most popular cleanup contest being run with LevelEleven partners is one that rewards participants for cleaning up old opportunities (updating the sales stage to “Closed Lost” with a reason code).

Other ideas include updating the status of current contacts (no longer there, retired, deceased, etc.), adding account web sites, and/or adding a competitive presence at an account (if applicable).

Candy Month
NAME: Cleaning out the (Milk) Duds
POSSIBLE PRIZES: A basket made up of all types of candy (make it extra fun by buying candy from the winner’s childhood days); if budget is an issue, award the winner a Peppermint PATty on the back from your CEO/President

Based on the “The Sixth Sense” famous line
NAME: I See Dead People (removing old/outdated contacts)
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Gift Certificate to Visit a Psychic; The Sixth Sense on DVD; M Night Shyamalan DVD Collection