WHERE TO START: The most popular call contest being run with LevelEleven partners is one that rewards participants for closing deals. Closing deal contests are often based on total $$ brought in during the contest timeframe, % to goal for the respective timeframe or sometimes even the number of new sales closed during the contest timeframe.

Based on the famous line from “Glengarry Glen Ross”
NAME: Coffee is for Closers
GOAL OF CONTEST: Whoever closes the most business during the contest wins
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Starbucks gift card; Glengarry Glen Ross DVDGlengarry Glen Ross: A Play bookCoffee is for Closers mugs and other swagCoffee is for Closers t-shirt

Based on the famous ad tagline, “Fill it to the rim with Brim”
NAME: Fill Up the Pails With Sales
BULLETIN BOARD: IMAGE 1IMAGE 2IMAGE 3, If near a body of water with a beach, find a picture from the beach for the bulletin board
GOAL OF CONTEST: Summer is here and it is getting hot outside…give people the opportunity to enjoy the weather. Decorate the office with a beach theme (sandbox, beach towels, sunglasses, beach toys, etc.) and design a contest for the person with the highest sales.
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Day off to enjoy at the beach (with lunch?) for first place, ½ day off to enjoy at the beach for second place, A Beach At Your Desk for third place
*A VARIATION: For every sale made, the participant receives a rock with their name on it to enter into a pail. At the end of the contest, rocks are drawn for various prizes.

Based on the reality show “Keepin’ Up With the Kardashians”
NAME: Keepin’ Up With the Close Rates
GOAL OF CONTEST: Whoever closes the most business during the contest wins
POSSIBLE PRIZES: FitBitBruce Jenner USA Action Figure