Companies with sales and marketing alignment are 67% better at closing deals.

Here’s an idea for you to work toward that: Start by choosing a key initiative that you want sales to focus on, such as: 

  • Driving attendance to customer events
  • Prioritizing follow-up with leads from a certain marketing campaign, like that around a webinar, event or new piece of content

Then build a competition around that initiative for the length of the number of days you chose to get you to this page (when completing the fill-in-the-blank) – this’ll be just enough time to get reps focused and rallied around the behavior, but not so long that contest engagement will drop off.

Give 5 points for each time a rep completes this key behavior (i.e., drives a new RSVP to an event). If you’d like, layer on one of these inexpensive sales incentives as a prize. And provide plenty of recognition along the way. 

Simple, right? It is. And you can keep using competition to change your sales team’s habits. Make sure they’re constantly focused on the marketing initiatives that you know will grow your company. Align sales and marketing once and for all. 

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