Q: When do I want to create a parent contest versus a general contest?
A: Parent contests are most often used when you are running multiple contests in which the point winner amongst all of those contests is the ultimate winner.  For example, you have four weekly contests in which there is a weekly winner, however whomever has the most points at the end of the month is crowned the ultimate winner.

Q: What cannot be changed during a contest?
A: Contest name, start date, launching a Chatter group, any launch notifications, and rewarded user field.

Q. What shouldn’t I change during a contest?
A: We recommend not changing anything as it is confusing to the participants and observers.


Q: Can I unhide a contest after launch?
A: No, however you can simply clone the contest and unhide it from the start to mimic this behavior (make sure to change the dates and/or notifications).  Should you still need this to be done, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q: Why should I run a hidden contest?
A: We highly recommend running hidden contests for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to develop a baseline for the motivated behaviors.  By building a hidden contest first and then cloning and unhiding that contest at a later date, you can witness (and more importantly document for your management team) how that contest impacted participant behavior.

  • It allows you to confirm that all of your filters are correct and that points are being assigned correctly.  To retain credibility with your participants, it is best to check to make sure that your contest was built correctly.  If you run into issues, do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q: What is the Mini-Leaderboard Display?
A: The Mini-Leaderboard Display is a small leaderboard that fits into the sidebar component of your homepage layout. It allows your participants to see the leaderboard for the contests that they are involved in no matter what page they are currently viewing.


Q: How many behaviors can I motivate within a single contest?
A: Up to four.

Q: Why can I only include four behaviors in a contest?
A: Our most successful contests are simple.  Including more than four behaviors in a contest results in an over complication of the contest that leads to disinterest, confusion, and reduced participation. Read more about why not to do this HERE.

Q: What is the Record Label Used field in the Behaviors screen?
A: When auditing the individual account records for your contest, this field will display whatever label you choose in the description column.  For example, if your object was an Event, you would most likely want to choose Subject so that you can see which event was qualified to award points to a participant

Q: What are filters? How do I use them?
A: Filters are the specific criteria for the behavior that needs to take place in order for a participant to score a point within your contest.  For example, if your contest is built around adding new events, the filter would use Events as the Object, Due Date Only as the Field, with Within Contest as the Comparator.


Q: When choosing the option for “Decide a tie by”, what does “First to Score” mean?
A: When a contest ends in a tie, “First to Score” will award the person who first scored within the contest. For example, if a contest ran from May 1 – May 30 and ended with a tie between John and Beth, if John was awarded a point on May 1 and Jane on May 2, John would be named the winner because he was first to score in the contest.

Q: When choosing the option for “Decide a tie by”, what does “Last to Score” mean?
A: When a contest ends in a tie, “Last to Score” will award the person who last scored before the contest ended. For example, if a contest ran from May 1 – May 30 and it ended with a tie between John and Beth, if John was awarded a point on May 29 and Beth on May 30, Beth would be named the winner because she was the last to score in the contest.

Q: Can you change a prize reserve during the contest?
A: Yes, although we only suggest reducing a reserve if you misestimated and made the reserve too high.  Increasing the reserve mid-contest may result in decreased motivation from contest participants.

Q: Do I always have to provide a prize or incentive for a contest or leader-board?
A: Not at all! Many folks are simply incentivized by the recognition received by winning and the natural desire to compete. INCLUDE WHITE PAPER.


Q: Why would I want to create a team-based contest?
A: Team-based contests are excellent when trying to get individual contributors to unite around a certain behavior, creating a more collaborative environment.  Pairing a top contributor with a lower level contributor can often lead to the lower level contributor learning the right behaviors to be successful.

Q: How do I create a team-based contest?
A: When in the Compete Builder, follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the Participants step on the left.

  • Select the Add Team checkbox

  • Name the respective team (add a photo if you’ve got one!)

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have all of the teams competing in the contest

  • Click on Browse Users and add the participants for this contest

  • After adding the participants, click on the Participants on the top of the page (next to Browse Users) and assign each participant to a team

  • Save your work by clicking on the Save button on the left side of the page


Q: When adding Observers, what is ‘Can Finalize’?
A: These will be the folks who can take the final steps to finalize the contest.  We recommend not having too many folks included with this option as each person who can finalize the contest will receive an email until someone takes the step to finalize.

Q: When adding Observers, what is a ‘Key Influencer’?
A: A Key Influencer is someone in your organization that participants might pay more attention to when receiving an email or Chatter correspondence (e.g. VP of Sales, CEO, etc.).  Generally, front line managers are not included as a Key Influencer as they are most likely already in front of the participants motivating them to actively partake in the contest.


Q: What are notifications?
A: There are various types of notifications:

  • Point of Contact:

    • This is the contact in which all future notifications will come from

  • Chatter Group:

    • Checking this box will create a chatter group specifically for the participants and observers in your contest

  • Launch Notifications

    • Email: Checking this box will send an email to participants, observers, or both when the contest begins.

    • Chatter: Checking this box will alert participants, observers, or both when the contest begins.

    • Popup Alert: An alert will pop up for participants, observers, or both when the contest begins.

  • Recurring Notifications

    • Choosing Day or Week will send updates via the selected launch notifications on a daily or weekly basis respectively

  • Real-Time Alerts

    • Popup Alert: Checking this box will send the participant a popup alert every time they complete a behavior that awards points

    • Chatter Notifications: Checking this box will send a notification to your Chatter group (if checked) when a participant earns points

  • Contest Bulletin Board

    • The Contest Bulletin Board is a blank space on the leaderboard where an image, quote, or motivational message can be displayed.

  • LeaderTV

    • By checking the appropriate boxes, you can choose which behaviors for your contests are shown on LeaderTV

    • NOTE: You need to have LeaderTV enabled in order to utilize LeaderTV; contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature if you have not already. If you are unfamiliar with who your Customer Success Manager is, simply email for assistance.

  • Key Influencer Notification

    • Key Influencer Launch Message: Checking this box will notify the Key Influencers when a contest launches

      • NOTE: As Key Influencers are also Observers, if you chose for a Launch Email to be sent to Participants & Observers, the Key Influencers will receive two emails at launch (albeit with different messages)

    • Key Influencer Mid Contest Notification: Checking this box allows you to send a reminder to your Key Influencers at the date of your choice

Q: Why would I want to do a Chatter group specifically for this contest?
A: Successful organizations have used a specific Chatter group to:

  • Get a conversation started around a certain behavior that you are trying to motivate (for example: Mike, congratulations on closing a $100,000 deal! What steps did you take to close such a large deal)

  • For those that are competitive, it allows for fun trash talking

  • To allow sales leadership to chime in and recognize or motivate participants and/or behaviors

Q: Why would I want to have recurring notifications?
A: Recurring notifications help keep the contest top of mind for participants (and/or observers).  To best motivate the behavior you want to see increased, issue notifications daily for short-term contests or weekly for longer contests.

Q: Chatter and email notifications look as though our Sales Admin is posting or emailing participants, can I change that?
A: In order for your name to appear as the sender of the emails and chatter updates, you will need to restart the Job Daemon from your salesforce login. To do this, follow the steps below. You will need full admin rights in order to complete the first step. If you don’t, you can have your salesforce admin complete the first step, and you can complete the second.

Step 1: Delete the Job Daemon

  1. Setup
  2. Scheduled Jobs ( Located under “Monitor | Jobs”)
  3. Click “Del” next to JobDaemon

Step 2: Restart Job Daemon

  1. Navigate to Compete Support
  2. Click Setup Wizard
  3. Click Let’s Go, and click next until step 4, Click Start.
  4. Click next until Done

Q: Participants are not seeing pop up alerts.
A: Advanced settings must be configured to allow for pop ups. The user must also have the Mini-Leaderboard Display on the home page layout for the pop ups to occur. (insert screen shot of advanced settings) Under the SFDC setup, in user interface, the option to allow for custom components on all pages should also be selected.


Q: I just completed building a contest for my sales folks for next week, if I hit the Launch Contest button, will the launch email be sent today?
A: No.  The launch email is timed to release at approximately the same time that your contest is scheduled to start.  In between the time you finish building the contest and the contest start date. take that time to make sure that sales leaders within your organization are familiar with LevelEleven and the participation expected from them during the contest.

  • NOTE: If you have chosen to turn on a Chatter group specific to your contest, an email will be sent immediately notifying contest participants that they have been assigned to a new Chatter group.

Q: I launched a contest, however the contest did not start.
A: Check your user record within Salesforce to make sure that your time zone is set correctly.


Q: Why do I have to finalize a contest?
A: You are required to finalize a contest for a few reasons:

  • It allows you to review the contest results for accuracy to make sure that the wrong user is not notified that they have won.

  • It allows you to tailor a special message based on the final results of your contest.

Q: I added a sales manager as a finalizer for a contest, however they cannot see that option in their view.
A: Those who are selected as finalizers must be a LevelEleven administrator which can be done via the Contest Builder admin permission set.

Q: Our auditing in Salesforce doesn’t match with the records in LevelEleven.
A: LevelEleven captures behaviors or actions that occur within Salesforce.  If multiple actions occur on a single field, a report would only reflect a single change.

Q: Can points be counted/awarded more than once?
A: No. Once a behavior has been logged against a single record in Salesforce, that record will no longer qualify for the same behavior.

Q: How do I ad hoc points for an opportunity $$ contest?
A: For contests based on percentage to goal, $$ value, and value of field, copy and paste the opportunity Salesforce ID.  For contests based on points, simply assign the points to the respective participant. 


Q: When is it best to use LeaderTV?
A: The most ideal situation includes utilizing a TV located near participants that would update employees on events happening within your organization. LeaderTV is a great feature to showcase your participants in action.  Some organizations use a TV to exclusively highlight LeaderTV so that updates are constantly being provided to staff.  

NOTE: Turn the volume up on the TV so that when a participant scores a point they can witness and hear the glass shattering and see which participant is scoring new points!

Q: Our LeaderTV is not updating.
A: Logging out of Salesforce from the hosting computer effectively severs the connection to the contest.  To remedy this, simply close the disconnected window and re-launch LeaderTV after you’ve signed back in.

Q: How do I enable LeaderTV?
A: Contact your Customer Success Manager for a LeaderTV Feature key. Once entered, click the LeaderTV button from the contest leaderboard.  If you are unfamiliar with who your Customer Success Manager is, simply email for assistance.

Q: How do I enable the splash within LeaderTV?
A: Within the contest builder for your respective contest which requires the splash, select Notifications on the left hand side of the screen. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section that says Leader TV.  Finally, select the checkbox next to each behavior that you would like the splash to occur. 

Q: When a participant scores a point within a contest, the splash is not occurring for one of our participants.
A: Have your Salesforce Admin check the user’s profile object settings and find the push topic object.   Below are the steps to grant access to the participant’s push topics object:

1. Setup
2. Manage Users
3. Profile
4. Select the user’s profile
5. Object Settings
6. Click Push Topics
7. Click Edit
8. Select the checkbox next to Read
9. Click Save

Q: For LeaderTV, how does the information get streamed to a television?
A: Most companies have a laptop or other smaller computer dedicated to content being streamed to televisions on site. Simply log into Salesforce from the computer connected to your TV and launch LeaderTV!

Q: We are not seeing the top four participants/teams and bottom scroll on LeaderTV.
A: Make sure to zoom out on your browser if there are issues.


Q: I enabled a Chatter group, however I cannot see my Chatter group.
A: Contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q: I don’t see my Compete Score Tab in Chatter.
A: To add the compete score tab to the chatter layout, navigate to the salesforce setup. Once there, select Apps, under the header labelled Create. Under the apps page, there is a tabled labelled Subtab Apps. This table has two options, profile (self) and profile (others). Both of these options will need to be edited. Once on the edit screen, select Compete Score from the list on the left, and add it to the list on the right.

Q: We use custom objects, can we still utilize LevelEleven? Can we include custom objects?
A: Yes. Yes. (include link to custom object setup)

Q. Can you help us write a custom trigger?
A. Yes, we would be happy to!  Contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q. Can you write a test class?
A: Unfortunately, since test classes can impact the overall performance and data within your Salesforce environment, our legal counsel has asked us not to get involved with building test classes.  Here are a couple of articles that may assist you or your sales administrator.

Q. I cannot access reports.
A: It is possible that the object has not been enabled in Salesforce.  Please contact your Sales Administrator for additional assistance and if they are unable to resolve this concern, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q: Why do I receive an ‘obsolete report’ error when trying to run a report?
A: It is possible that the object has not been enabled in Salesforce.  Please contact your Sales Administrator for additional assistance and if they are unable to resolve this concern, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email for assistance.

Q: Not everyone can see the leaderboard on their Salesforce home page.  
A: Your Salesforce Administrator will need to take the following steps: Step 3, Page layout assignment, add compete home page component for everyone (or whomever is missing)

Q: Why are non-licensed users seeing the mini leaderboard in their home page layout?
A: The mini leaderboard is most likely configured for all of your Salesforce users.  Making a home page layout for only your LevelEleven licensed users will solve this issue.


Q: What browsers do you support for LevelEleven and LeaderTV?
A: Internet Explorer 9 and newer versions as well as the latest two versions of all other major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

Q: How do I get the upgrade? Do I need to do anything?
A: Simply click HERE and click “Get it Now”.

Q: I just bought seats to and downloaded the LevelEleven app, what do I need to do next?
A: Your Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you shortly to walk through the next steps and help build out your first contest.

Q: What browsers best support the LevelEleven app?
A: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and the most recent version of IE.

  • NOTE: We do not support IE8.  Check out this article on how to enable and use IE 11’s Enterprise Mode:

Q: As an Admin, what extra features do I have?
A: Most importantly, you have the ability to build contests, add or reject points, delete, clone and edit contests.

Q: How do I go about finding how many licenses I have in total? What about how many are currently assigned?
A: Your Salesforce Administrator will need to take the following steps:

  • Go to Setup in Salesforce

  • Type in Installed Packages in the quick search

  • Click on Installed Packages under Build

  • Scroll to and click on Compete.  

  • If you cannot see, get with your Sales Administrator. (step 5)

Q: How do I go about adding additional users within my available licenses?  
A: Your Salesforce Administrator will need to take the following steps: Setup, Installed Packages, Compete, Manage Licenses. Step 2 within compete support.

Q: I’m concerned about cheating. What methods can I implement?
A: While we have never been witness to an instance of cheating, there are a few options to consider.  Most importantly, work with your Customer Success Manager to ensure that your filters are set up in a way that discourages cheating. Following the contest, make sure to review all contest entries before you finalize the winner. If you are unfamiliar with who your Customer Success Manager is, simply email for assistance.

  • NOTE: Someone who is trying to cheat may create a fake record in Salesforce providing them with points and then proceeds with deleting that record.  Our app will delete the points when the record is deleted.

  • How to Prevent Cheating in Sales Contests