In addition to using our training video series as your guide on how to get started with Compete, please reference our collection of product training materials that will make your experience that much more seamless:

Install and Compete Setup

Step-by-step guide for installing the Compete app from the Salesforce AppExchange and setting up Compete in your Salesforce organization. Check it out.

Building Your First Competition

Determine which behaviors you want to motivate, and follow a 5-step wizard to get your competition up and running in minutes. Check it out.

Competition Best Practices

Take our word for it: These are some tips from top-performing customers. Follow this checklist full of recommendations and watch your competition participation skyrocket. Check it out.

Competition Ideas

Review a sampling of competition types that you can create. This document is intended to help you understand how to maximize the use of our Compete product. Check it out.

Custom Object Setup

Learn how to create a custom Trigger for the Custom Objects that you would like to include as part of the Compete Builder Wizard. Check it out

Admin Tools

Compete Builder Administrators will have privileges that competition participants will not. Review this document to get in the eyes of an administrator and understand exactly what it is the administrator is responsible for. Check it out.

LeaderTV Installation

Take advantage of using our LeaderTV add-on, so you can showcase results on big screen televisions or monitors, throughout your office. Check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started With Compete

For more detailed product questions or troubleshooting, review this FAQ form. For more general questions, please reference our public FAQ.