Do you know which behaviors will allow your sales team to really build their pipeline? Maybe…

  • Making more calls
  • Booking more demos
  • Scheduling more face-to-face meetings
  • Pitching a new product?

Choose the most critical of these behaviors — the game changer — and inject competition and recognition around it. How? Well, you can start by building out this contest: 

  1. Contest length: Go with the number of days you chose that got you to this page — just enough time to get reps focused and rallied around the behavior, but not so long as to hamper engagement.
  2. Points: Give reps 5 points each time they complete that specific behavior you chose (i.e., making a call, booking a demo, etc.).
  3. Prize: Layer on one of these inexpensive sales incentives, or just stick with bragging rights. Make sure to provide plenty of recognition as an incentive, too, along the way. 
  4. Teams: Separate your team into top, middle and lower-level performers; put each group in their own contest. Or, if you have a small team, keep everyone in one contest. [Why split teams? Read this.]
  5. Management: Consider running your contest via LevelEleven’s sales motivation software, which will keep it automated, accurate and motivating.

This may seem like a simple spiff, but contests like this hold serious power. Cardinal Health used competition to build their pipeline, and 3 new sales reps generated 570 new sales opportunities in 2 weeks as a result. Fill out the form to get their story.