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by Brianna Valleskey March 15, 2017

How to coach frontline sales management

Coaching must occur at all organizational levels, including sales management. As the head of sales, one of your primary jobs is to remove obstacles and alleviate pain points for the frontline sales managers on your team. Empowering them creates buy-in and lets them know that you care about their success.

by Brianna Valleskey March 14, 2017

10 resources to improve sales coaching sessions

No other productivity investment improves rep performance like sales coaching. If sales executives want to see better performance from their teams, they must empower their managers to be master sales coaches. Here are ten resources for sales leaders to share with frontline managers.

by Brianna Valleskey March 13, 2017

Sales management: Are your reps slipping on fundamentals?

Reps are busy. They often get lost in the day-to-day noise of responding to customer support issues, answering emails and completing administrative tasks. By not focusing on the specific tasks that lead to winning deals, reps put their individual and team quota at risk. Sales management, help reps prioritize the activities that lead to sales.

by Brianna Valleskey March 10, 2017

17 sales incentives inspired by St. Patrick’s Day

Sales incentives don’t always cost a lot of money. And they shouldn’t have to. The value of sales incentives is that they recognize your team’s hard work, which is a powerful source of motivation. It’s simple: When reps feel like an important part of your team, they work harder. Because motivation is so important in

by Brianna Valleskey March 9, 2017

The value of sales activity management [described by actual sales leaders]

Hundreds of sales organizations are driving revenue with a growing category of software: sales activity management. With a sales activity management system, managers can spot the key activities needed to close business and set daily, weekly and monthly goals around them. They can then monitor and course-correct performance with real-time data, as well as keep

by Brianna Valleskey March 8, 2017

Why you need secondary sales metrics

This is the first in a new series of product-focused blogs to help our customers achieve even greater ROI with LevelEleven. To view other stories in the series, click here. When implemented properly, sales metrics help salespeople get and stay focused on the critical few behaviors fundamental to closing business. But too many sales metrics