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by Kit Maher November 16, 2017

18 Thanksgiving-Inspired Sales Incentives

Before your sales team falls into a food-induced coma, turn the notoriously slow Thanksgiving week into an opportunity with these 18 holiday-inspired incentives.

by Kit Maher November 13, 2017

Dreamforce AppExchange Keynote Highlights

A breakdown of the Salesforce AppExchange Keynote at Dreamforce 2017.

by Kit Maher November 3, 2017

LevelEleven’s New Partnership with Geopointe

LevelEleven has entered into a formal partnership with Geopointe, a leading geolocation solution that aims to unlock the “where” in CRM data. We are excited to start working closely with Geopointe in 2018 to develop the next generation of Sales Performance Management solutions. How Geopointe Works Geopointe provides field-based sales, marketing and service teams the

by Kit Maher November 2, 2017

6 Free Apps You’ll Want To Download Before Dreamforce 2017

1. CamCard After Dreamforce ends, you are likely to have enough business cards to fill a small home. Rather than sifting through each one and manually plugging in the information, let CamCard do the grunt work. This app allows you to take a photo of a business card and upload the contact information straight into

by Brendan Hartt October 30, 2017

Sales Stress? Here’s How To Beat It

I really enjoy what I do every day. I love being held accountable in a quota-carrying sales position with the ability to impact a fast and growing company in Detroit. Although being a modern sales professional requires a tremendous amount of effort, it is also a huge thrill, emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding. Like many

by Lauren McMichael October 26, 2017

Revel Systems Uses Sales Coaching to Achieve Success

LevelEleven’s power users continue to find new ways to manage their teams more effectively. Revel Systems, a leader in Point of Sale (POS) technology, is one of our power customers. Day in and day out, they manage their salespeople’s behaviors to drive revenue. The newest tool they have added to their stack includes SalesCoach from