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by Brianna Valleskey May 8, 2017

Focus on sales coaching, coachability when hiring reps

We know that effective sales coaching increases rep performance. But sales coaching can only have that impact if it’s accompanied by three things: a manager who prioritizes sales coaching; a formal sales coaching process; and a team of coachable reps.

by Brianna Valleskey May 4, 2017

3 ways to use sales KPI research [advice from sales leaders]

A few months ago, we unveiled the second annual Sales KPI Report, featuring research of more than 3,000 sales metrics and 800 sales teams. The research results were so fascinating that we asked a few sales experts to weigh in on how modern sales leaders can make the most of this research.

by Brianna Valleskey May 3, 2017

10 sales management insights to optimize performance

When sales management is successful, sales reps are successful. So here are ten sales management insights from LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh that will help optimize your team’s performance.

by Brianna Valleskey May 2, 2017

Sales team management tools get boost from new AppExchange Partner Program

Salesforce unveiled an exciting announcement for sales team management tools: a new AppExchange Partner Program. The program is a “reimagination of the AppExchange” aimed at helping Salesforce partners build faster, smarter and more powerful apps. A press release from Salesforce listed top ISV partners who are championing the new program, including LevelEleven, MapAnything and Wootric.

by Brianna Valleskey May 1, 2017

How to identify bad sales management (and what to do about it)

Poor sales management can cost your company millions. That’s why it’s imperative to identify bad sales managers and course-correct their behavior. But what exactly makes a “bad” sales manager? The obvious answer is to look at quota achievement. However, research shows the average sales manager’s team hits 99 percent of their target, but only has

by Jamie Shanks April 26, 2017

Make sales training a priority (or it won’t work)

I’m going to start with a bold statement: The success or failure of your digital sales training program -- especially if you want it to scale -- is predicated on buy-in from your senior leadership. I can't pretend that turning this statement into reality is simple; for some of you, this will be very complex.