Author: oceanvue

by oceanvue January 5, 2016

5 Steps To Writing Personalized Cold Emails

Cold emailing…every sales rep does it, and every sales rep is constantly searching for a better and more effective way to execute on their cold email strategy. That’s why I’ve asked cold email expert and Director of Sales Development at LevelEleven Brendan Hartt to share his process for quickly creating emails that get opened, read and replied to.

by oceanvue December 18, 2015

Five New Ways of Thinking About Sales Performance in 2016

Going into 2016, the modern sales leader is armed with an unprecedented level of tools for success. While closed sales will remain one of the most important end results for all sales people, today companies look to a variety of sales metrics and activities to hold salespeople accountable. Even though closed business will still define how a person gets paid, these five themes will bring new levels of insight and performance for teams in 2016.

by oceanvue December 15, 2015

LevelEleven Names Mike Minelli as Chief Revenue Officer

LevelEleven, the leader in sales engagement, today announced the appointment of Mike Minelli to Chief Revenue Officer. Minelli has been tasked with scaling the sales organization to maximize revenue and sales velocity, and will report directly to LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh.

by oceanvue December 2, 2015

What is Sales Performance Management Software?

A new sub-genre of enterprise software is emerging. It goes by the term, “Sales Performance Management Software.” Here is a quick introduction.

by oceanvue November 16, 2015

5 Keys to a Successful Sales Culture Driven By KPI’s

Last week I was at the Sales Stack conference in San Francisco, and was chatting with Bob Marsh, CEO of LevelEleven, about how salespeople today often struggle with both their own individual successes and being connected to a team, and a key to making that happen is identifying, tracking, and creating visibility around your most important sales KPI's.

by oceanvue September 29, 2015

Detroit Free Press

The online retailer is to announce today that it plans to build a technology hub in downtown Detroit with the creation of more full-time technology jobs. Amazon's announcement is set for 9:30 this morning at Cobo Center.