Author: Haley Smith

by Haley Smith March 5, 2020

How to Write a Great Sales Prospecting Email

With so many prospectors using email, it can be difficult to make your message stand out and get the attention it deserves. So how you write your prospecting email has a large impact on how likely you are to receive a reply. 

by Haley Smith February 10, 2020

Press Release: LevelEleven and Geopointe Merge Under Ascent Cloud

Today LevelEleven announced the merger of LevelEleven and its sister company, Geopointe under AscentCloud. LevelEleven and Geopointe are both cloud-based sales performance management solutions that enable workforces to perform at a higher level.

by Haley Smith January 3, 2020

LevelEleven, Inc. Receives 2019 Best of Detroit Award

LevelEleven is excited to have been selected as the 2019 Best of Detroit Award winner in the Software Publishers category by the Award Program, an organization that identifies the companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

by Haley Smith December 10, 2019

Salesforce Gamification: Everything You Need to Know

If your organization uses Salesforce, one of the many great features you’ll notice is that it is extremely customizable to your business. With hundreds of apps to choose from, the Salesforce platform can mold itself to support any business, providing solutions that will help drive any company’s growth. Out of all of the categories of

by Haley Smith November 19, 2019

5 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Sales

As we approach a new decade, now is a better time than ever to talk tech trends in the sales world. It seems that there are new movements popping up daily, and some will be more relevant to your organization than others. To help you navigate this overpopulated landscape, we’ve collected five of the most groundbreaking trends that are shaping the future of sales. Incorporate some of these trends into your 2020 planning and find success in the new year!

by Haley Smith November 18, 2019

LevelEleven Powers Geopointe’s New Performance Scorecard

We are proud to announce that LevelEleven is partnering with Geopointe to present Geopointe’s Performance Scorecard. Geopointe is combining its location intelligence abilities with LevelEleven’s powerful scorecard features to help managers gain better visibility into team activity in the field as well as keep reps and teams performing at their peak potential. Geopointe is a