Author: Eleanor Meegoda

by Eleanor Meegoda October 15, 2014

11 Places to See in San Francisco While at Dreamforce

Without a doubt, you’re having a blast at Dreamforce ’14 right now. You’re probably making great connections, learning about inspiring new products and maybe even landing some new business to boot. But hey — San Francisco is a big city with a lot of exciting things going on, so if you’re staying a few extra

by Eleanor Meegoda October 6, 2014

7 Tips to Survive and Thrive at Dreamforce ’14

At this point, you’re probably good and primed for all the “How to get the most out of Dreamforce” articles hitting the web. Not wanting to miss out on the action (and since we have quite a few seasoned Dreamforce vets on the team), we thought we’d offer a few of our own tried and true survival