Author: Brandon Redlinger

by Brandon Redlinger January 30, 2017

The 4-step sales strategy to thoroughly onboard SDRs

In account-based sales development (ABSD), growing and managing your team is just as important to success as figuring out your sales strategy, itself. Sales development reps are at the front lines of your account-based everything approach. You not only need to hire the right people, but you’ve got to onboard, train and coach them to

by Brandon Redlinger August 30, 2016

4 Sales Coaching Tips to Create Quota-Crushing Reps

Bad news, sales leaders: Great salespeople are slowing dying out, and we only have ourselves to blame. Reps do exactly what we ask, yet performance decreases while turnover increases. Where’s the disconnect? Sure, you can develop a more effective hiring plan, give your reps better technology or even develop your own sales methodology. But there’s

by Brandon Redlinger June 20, 2016

4 Sales KPIs to Measure Sales Enablement

It seems like every few years, there’s a new buzzword in sales. From cold calling 2.0 to social selling, sales acceleration to account-based marketing, there’s always a term that makes a splash. And rightly so, as the organizations that adopt the principals early reap the rewards. Right now, it’s sales enablement. You’ve probably heard of

by Brandon Redlinger January 15, 2016

How To Use Sales Metrics To Improve Outbound Campaigns

Of all the activities one could do to ensure the success of a sales organization, identifying, tracking and understanding how reps are performing is paramount. Although analytics and reporting is progressively becoming a central part of sales, increased access to data and sales metrics doesn’t always result in an increase in sales performance. It’s common for sales

by Brandon Redlinger January 7, 2016

3 Elements of a Powerful Sales Metric

Whether you’re an individual rep or a sales manager, tracking and reporting on the right metrics is of the utmost importance. Good rules to follow when choosing metrics at the campaign level should help drive actionable change in your sales campaigns, moving the needle in the right direction. After you’ve crafted your outbound sales campaign

by Brandon Redlinger October 7, 2015

A Sales Productivity Secret: Automation Isn’t Enough

About a year ago, venture capital investor Fred Wilson unleashed one of my favorite tweet storms. It was brief, but powerful. Here it is: 1/ whenever i find myself doing a mundane rote task, i ask myself if it would be quicker to write a script and automate it or just do it — Fred