Improving general CRM adoption is a common goal. But, we’ve found that getting overly fixated on “fixing adoption” means you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Take a step back. Why did you purchase a CRM? Most would say they wanted to measure what’s happening in their organization, so they could ultimately motivate what they want to see happening more often.

Companies like Comcast, Kelly Services and Stanley Black & Decker, who are seeing big results from sales gamification, share a common trait: They’re singularly focused on the sales behaviors they want to drive, like…

  • Following up on leads
  • Shortening sales cycles
  • Taking new products to market faster

When you take those critical sales behaviors and launch contests and leaderboards around them, you can watch your sales team’s competitive side kick into gear, driving energy around what you want them focused on.

The goal is to motivate the sales behaviors that will help you grow faster. And if you use sales motivation software that populates those leaderboards based on what data is entered into Salesforce, CRM adoption will come along for the ride.

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