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Meet Our Team

Larry Leinweber

Executive Chairman

The foundation of all success is accurately understanding what a "well done" job is and then executing that understanding consistently over time.

Bob Marsh


Could be a decent golfer, but would rather hang with the fam & create an industry.

Kevin O'Hara


People ask me to build things with code and I do it.

Bill Johnson


I relish the thrill of competition, both in the sports that have defined my upbringing and now in the tech / sales start up world that are my day to day life.

Craig Bickley

Vice President, Sales

I believe in one basic concept: "Nothing happens until someone sells something!"

David Leinweber

Vice President

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" - Thomas Edison

Sandro Viselli

VP, Customer Success

"Everyday is a gift, that's why they call it the present." - Kung Fu Panda

Ashley Ball

Director, Customer Success

Broadway Musical Lover, Harry Potter Nerd, and an aspiring Jury Duty lifer.

Brad Smagala

Account Executive

Life is too short to pretend you don't like catchy Taylor Swift songs.

Brandon Barr

Senior Salesforce Engineer

Giant of a man, avid fisherman and developer group leader.

Brendan Hartt

Enterprise Account Executive

Absolute die hard, borderline obsessed Pearl Jam fan - I purchased my first PJ tape in '91 and haven't looked back since.

Cate Fisher

Director, Sales

Closing Deals and Watching Bravo: The Cate Fisher Story

Chris Angi

Director, Account Management

Huge believer that customers are an investment and trust is the path to maximizing returns.

Colton Lewis

Customer Success Manager

I joined the team in April 2016 and I’m officially in the running to be the tallest guy in the office (sorry Brandon and Jack).

Courtney DiGiovanni

Business Manager

I rarely go a day without some sort of Starbucks drink, chapstick, making a to do list, or finding an excuse to look at a world map.

Dana Zukas

Customer Success Manager

That girl from Massachusetts who always picks Tom Brady for her Fantasy Football team.

Dave Brown

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Dave was born in Canada, raised in America, and spent the past 5 years in the Asia-Pacific region - Dave leads LevelEleven's APAC team.

Eddie Theut

Sales Development

Sir Edwin of House Theut, fourth of his name, breaker of ankles, protector of brick mansions, and rightful heir to the Concrete Throne.

Erica Rogers

Project/Product Manager

A lifetime of being bossy has helped to prepare me for my role as Project Manager.

Felipe Gonzales-Paul

Account Manager

Prohibition era enthusiast, runner, skier and lover of Maize and Blue.

Ian Garlock

Quality Assurance Specialist

I was voted most likely to assure quality in high school.

Jack Flynn

Account Executive

I'm the owner of the REAL smoothest jump shot in the office, no matter what Brad says.

Jonathan Wagoner

User Interface Developer

Golf enthusiast, involuntarily gluten free, whiskey lover with zero willpower when it comes to gummy bears.

Kate Chamberlain

Sales Development

I didn't choose the sloth life; the sloth life chose me.

Landall Proctor

Javascript Developer

Virginia State Meat Judging Champion, 1996.

Lauren McMichael

Implementation & Support Manager

I have almost a decade of sales & marketing experience, but outside of work I'm truly passionate about writing, acting, singing, dancing, film and Detroit sports; Miguel Cabrera is everything.

Rebecca Ganzak

Director, Revenue Operations

Aspiring Rubik’s Cube master, compulsive data perfectionist, amateur interior decorator and (by far) the best rapper in the office.

RV Mendoza

User Interface Developer

I'm tough but beautiful, like a diamond, or beef jerky in a ball gown.

Trevor Milton

Enterprise Account Executive