LeaderTV screen splashes display in real-time when users earn points for eligible behaviors. To begin using them, please complete the following after Compete 4.23 is pushed out to your org: 

Step 1: Enable Streaming Support

  1. Go to Setup -> Develop -> Custom Settings
  2. Click Manage next to Contest Builder Settings
  3. Click Edit at the top of the screen to edit the Organizational Level Value
  4. Check the box labeled Enable Streaming and click Save

Step 2: Verify Permissions

  1. Ensure that any users wishing to use screen splashes have, at a minimum, read permissions on the PushTopic object. These permissions can be set on the user’s Salesforce Profile or set on a Permission Set and granted to the user.

Step 3: Run the Setup Wizard

  1. Ensure that you have System Administrator privileges and Read, Create, Edit and Delete permissions on the PushTopic object.
  2. Go to the Compete Support tab and click Setup Wizard.
  3. Run through all of the steps in the wizard.

If you have any questions at all, please email gethelp@leveleleven.com!