LevelEleven Powers Geopointe’s New Performance Scorecard

We are proud to announce that LevelEleven is partnering with Geopointe to present Geopointe’s Performance Scorecard. Geopointe is combining its location intelligence abilities with LevelEleven’s powerful scorecard features to help managers gain better visibility into team activity in the field as well as keep reps and teams performing at their peak potential.

Geopointe is a native application that location-enables Salesforce and brings actionable insights to an organization’s business processes. Geopointe’s theme of productivity through its mapping abilities and add-ons like Assignment Areas, Route Planner, and Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking, is now furthered with LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecard add-on.

With the combination of Geopointe and LevelEleven, The Performance Scorecard will ensure visibility into sales teams’ activities that drive results such as planned visits, visit check-ins, status updates, and follow-up tasks on the map. These activities are visibly measured against goals set by management on the Performance Scorecard. This add-on consists of both an individual scorecard and a manager scorecard. Geopointe users are able to “map records” in the performance scorecard for a geographic view of the activity being displayed, or drill down into the records themselves for better insight.

Individual Scorecard

The individual scorecard is used by reps to measure their own success, giving them the ability to measure their actions against their goals. Individual scorecards also allow team members to compare their activities against teammates, driving competition and better performance. This encourages reps to be proactive, enter information into Salesforce, and stay ahead of their colleagues in the rankings. This higher activity improves results overall for field sales teams.

Manager Scorecard

The manager scorecard provides real-time visibility into a field team’s activity at a glance. Sales managers can view team member performance and pacing towards targets. As a result, leaders are able to understand if reps are focusing on the right activities to achieve their goals, course-correct in a timely manner, and coach their team when performance is less than expected.

We are excited to help Geopointe offer an even more robust solution for field sales and service teams. For more information, visit the Geopointe release post on the new Performance Scorecard or contact Geopointe!

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