4 questions for every sales coaching session

Many sales leaders feel like sales coaching isn’t effective. But data tells us it can be, if done properly.

4 questions for every sales coaching sessionThe problem is that too many one-on-one sessions turn into mere pipeline reviews. Sales coaching requires so much more than that. You know it. We know it. So, let’s get down to business. Here are four topics you need to cover during every one-on-one session with your reps.

4 sales coaching topics for every one-on-one session with reps

1. How is your activity data?

When your key activity metrics are defined and tracked, you can monitor and course-correct performance online project management. Use your sales scorecard or activity management system to review rep activities and pacing to goals.

Ask reps how they feel about their performance. If they’re on target or ahead of pace, ask them for some specific best practices that they can share with the rest of the team.

When reps are behind, determine where the bottlenecks occur. A rep who isn’t having enough discovery meetings might not be qualifying the right leads. Another rep might have a low close rate because they’re sending out poor proposals. Use the activity data to understand where reps need help, then create a coaching plan around it.

2. How is your pipeline?

Review each rep’s entire pipeline. What’s closing this month? What makes them so sure? Help your reps remain realistic and refrain from getting happy ears.

Then review what they’ve got in the middle of the funnel. Who are they having meetings with? When was their last ROI discussion? Make sure they are developing a strong cadence of communication with their strongest opportunities.

Finally, review their top-of-funnel activities. Many reps get so caught up in closing deals that they forget to continue sourcing new leads. If reps don’t feel like they have time to look for new prospects, help them schedule their time so they can dedicate at least a few hours or few days a week to prospecting. \

3. What’s working right now? What’s not working right now?

This feedback helps you find the most effective strategies for your sales process. When you restructure your sales process or bring a new technology into your sales stack, getting feedback from the end users is vital. Not only do you need it for buy-in, but feedback helps you efficiently refine your process and sales stack.

This topic is critical even if nothing has changed in your organization. As your business evolves, some of your established processes or technologies may need to evolve, too. You need to keep a pulse on the front lines of your team.

4. Where do you need help?

Last, but certainly not least, is to determine where you can empower your sales reps. No matter what your role is, asking for help can be a challenge. These one-on-one sessions provide a safe space for them to be honest. Encourage them to think of how you can help them be better employees, teammates and salespeople. And be open to their thoughts. No rep will express themselves to a close-minded manager.

These four topics will help you build a routine for sales coaching in your one-on-one sessions. But remember that your coaching data should be recorded and shared in an accessible, consistent format.

Download a copy of our sales coaching checklist and fill out the answers for each session!

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