6 immediate benefits of sales activity management software

Modern sales leaders using sales activity management can tell you that the ROI is immediate.

6 immediate benefits of sales activity management softwareIt’s true. After introducing sales activity management to the inside sales team at Paycor, sales activity quickly increased by 50 percent.

Here are six ways you’ll see quick impact after implementing sales activity management:

Immediate benefits of sales activity management software

1. Sales activity management software engages reps in the behaviors that matter.

Simply doing more activity overall won’t bring in more revenue. To achieve specific results, your reps must perform specific activities. With sales activity management software, real-time scorecards in Salesforce track the 3-4 most important activities you define for each selling role. From the moment reps sit down to work, they know which behaviors to focus on.

2. Sales activity management software creates proactive reps.

Your team also needs to know how much of each activity to perform. The personalized scorecards show reps how much they’ve completed versus their goal, showing them what they need to do to stay on pace at any given moment. This creates a sales team of proactive hunters, instead of reactive reps.

3. Sales activity management software provides real-time feedback.

Because the scorecard metrics are updated in real time, reps receive continuous feedback on performance. Scorecards follow users as they navigate through Salesforce. Pacing algorithms calculate whether reps are behind pace, on track or ahead and which activities will get them to their goals. When reps log an activity in the CRM, the scorecard updates automatically.

4. Sales activity management software enables real-time course-correction.

The system alerts users right away when metric pacing falls behind. If a certain sales rep struggles, sales leaders can dig into the data and see which activity metric they might need to be coached around. When pacing slows for the entire team, the sales leader can quickly rally reps around a specific metric with a quick contest or incentive.

5. Sales activity management software closes more deals.

By increasing the right sales activities, revenue growth is a mathematical certainty. Sales teams who implement this system see immediate increases in pipeline, reactivated accounts and overall sales activity. With LevelEleven, Staples saw a 182 percent increase in selling activities, including twice as many opportunities created.

6. Sales activity management software aligns your global sales organization.

Sales activity management software instantly creates visibility around your most important sales metrics by broadcasting performance throughout the office, aligning all team members around the same company initiatives. Each rep knows how they perform individually and as a team.

These are just a few ways you’ll see ROI from sales activity management. Want to know what you can achieve specifically with LevelEleven? Check out our ROI calculator.

6 immediate benefits of sales activity management software
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6 immediate benefits of sales activity management software
With sales activity management software, reps close more deals. Learn about five other immediate benefits of implementing this sales technology.
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