5 can’t-miss sessions for sales leaders attending UNITE

This week, hundreds of sales leaders will travel to Las Vegas for the the first AA-ISP member conference dedicated to all sales roles: UNITE 2016.

5 can’t-miss sessions for sales leaders attending UNITEAttendees can network, share best practices and learn new skills from the many events taking place during the three-day event. There’s also a star-studded lineup of “sales scientists” in attendance.

To help sales leaders get the most out of the event, we put together a quick list of the must-attend sales sessions. Check them out here:

5 sessions for modern sales leaders attending UNITE

Opening Up the Black Box of Sales

  • Date: Nov. 2
  • Time: 1:30 p.m.
  • Featuring: Mark Kosoglow, Outreach
  • Description“Reps, Managers and Execs are missing a treasure trove of data and insights that could drastically affect results and productivity. These processes, messaging and operational improvements are hidden in the Black Box of Sales. You will see the data points, metrics and techniques you need to be aware of so your team can get to peak performance levels, including SFDC reports needed to manage high-velocity sales teams, how to manage messaging optimization and the warning signs you can look at daily to know if you team is on track to hitting their numbers.”

How to Stand Out from the Competition – and Crush Your Quotas!

  • Date: Nov. 2
  • Time: 2:30 p.m.
  • Featuring: Michael Schultz, ClearSlide
  • Description: Having a better product or technology than your competitors isn’t enough. Sales reps need to set themselves apart from the pack and all of the sales noise in this age of digital selling. Michael Schultz, VP of Marketing and Business Development at ClearSlide, will share three incredibly powerful tips that his inside sales team uses to help gain a prospect’s attention while increasing conversion rates and closed revenue. Attendees will walk away with actionable learnings for increasing rep productivity while leveraging modern tools to help crush quotas!”

Five P’s to Transform your Sales Team into a Modern Sales Organization

  • Date: Nov. 2
  • Time: 4 p.m.
  • Featuring: Derek Grant, SalesLoft
  • Description“For years, managers have had their opinions on what works best for sales phone calls, emails and social touches. In this engaging session with Derek Grant, VP of Sales at SalesLoft, hear and leverage five tactics (people, personalization, persistent, productive, predictability) that will transform your sales team into a modern sales organization.”

Close More & Close Faster with Sales Process Rigor

  • Date: Nov. 3
  • Time: 10:15 a.m.
  • Featuring: Jim Eberlin, TopOPPS
  • Description: “Jim Eberlin will present the case, backed by research, on how a rigorous sales process improves closure rates and reduces sales cycle times. In this breakout session, Jim will give tips on how best to create a rigorous sales process and align the sales organization. From this, Jim will show several benefits including coaching and sales performance improvement and overall predictability in the sales organization.”

Women in Sales & Leadership Roundtable Discussion

  • Date: Nov. 4
  • Time: 9 a.m.
  • Featuring: Lori Richardson, WOMEN Sales Pros
  • Description“Did you hear about how adding women on your sales team grows ROI? Are you trying to be more inclusive on your team or in leadership but not having much luck? Are you a woman in sales who wants to get into leadership? Our interactive format will divide our group into reps and leaders – and will give tactical, as well as strategic ideas to add revenue and make your team reflect who your buyers are. We are taking survey results plus best practices and addressing myths to offer you real takeaways. Attendees will receive access to all data, tips and strategies we discuss.”

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5 can’t-miss sessions for sales leaders attending UNITE
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5 can’t-miss sessions for sales leaders attending UNITE
To help sales leaders get the most out of the UNITE 2016, we put together a quick list of the must-attend sales sessions. Check them out here.
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