Sales leader brief: Salesforce partners with Slack

Great news if you’re a sales leader: Say goodbye custom bots or third-party integration software to connect Salesforce and Slack.

Just before Dreamforce this year, Slack announced via their blog that the company is partnering with Salesforce.  

sales leader brief of salesforce slack integrationsSlack has been working on Salesforce integrations for a while. This past spring, the company shared how they manually built bots and apps to connect the platforms. There are even Salesforce developer communities dedicated to the integration.

According to the blog post, several new integrations will be delivered over the next month. If you’re a sales leader, here’s a summary of what you need to know.

4 sales leader highlights of the Salesforce-Slack integration

1. Salesforce links in Slack will automatically expand with details from Salesforce.

2. Chatter and Slack will offer seamless communication with two-way slash commands.

  • /chatter in Slack sends updates to Chatter
  • /slack in Chatter posts to Slack.

3. Salesforce records can be assigned to Slack channels. The channel’s unread count will display in the record.

4. Search for Salesforce data from Slack.

  • /salesforce plus a search term in Slack will display the top three results, which are only visible to you. Click to see more details or review the results in the CRM. 

You can sign up here to get notified when the integrations are ready to be installed. Users are encouraged to send feedback to or tweet the company at @SlackHQ.

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