During Dreamforce this year, <a href="http://investor.salesforce online project management tools free.com/about-us/investor/investor-news/investor-news-details/2016/Salesforce-Empowers-Customer-Trailblazers-With-the-Next-Generation-of-the-Salesforce-Customer-Success-Platform/default.aspx” target=”_blank”>Salesforce announced multiple innovations across its services.

sales leader brief salesforce announces innovationsSalesforce acquired Quip earlier this year, but this recent announcement details the word processing app’s integration. The announcement also included news about Salesforce1, Lightning, IoT Cloud and Einstein.

Many of you were busy at Dreamforce last week, so we put together sales leader highlights of the news.

Sales leader highlights of Salesforce’s new innovations

  • Salesforce users can sign up and log into Quip with their Salesforce credentials and collaborate. “Living documents” pull documents, spreadsheets, tasks lists and team chats. Quip’s Lightning component seamlessly links with Salesforce so that customers can utilize features without leaving the platform. In addition, Quip documents can host rich mentions that automatically update as they change in Salesforce.
  • Customers can easily brand and list their Salesforce1 apps to improve adoption. In addition, Salesforce1 forecasting provides visibility on how teams perform against quotas from any device.
  • Profiles in the Thunder IoT Cloud pull read-time data from connected devices and relevant information from Salesforce. Using both sources of data, customers can create rules to make decisions and execute the correct processes – such as alerting sales reps of upsell or renewal opportunities. A new IoT traffic monitor produces dashboards showing how each connected device  performs, enabling companies to ensure equipment is installed properly or fix issues before customers are aware of them.

Quip Sign In with Salesforce is already available, but the Lightning component and integration will not be released until the first half of next year. All Salesforce1 integrations should be available by mid-2017. Thunder IoT Cloud features are slated to go live in 2017.

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Sales leader brief: Salesforce announces product innovations
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Sales leader brief: Salesforce announces product innovations
Many of you were busy at Dreamforce last week when Salesforce announced multiple innovations, so we put together sales leader highlights of the news.
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