Sales Stack Snapshots: Vidyard in 3 Minutes

sales stack snapshot vidyard“The Year of the Sales Stack.” That’s what TechCrunch dubbed 2016. Unfortunately, as a sales leader, your time fills too quickly to allow for evaluations of all of the software and services that could strengthen your tech stack this year. We’re here to help. This series offers snapshots of some of the top software and service providers in the sales category. You can read each in under 5 minutes, and then find out the best way to learn more for any that inspire you to do so.

Your Sales Stack Snapshot of Vidyard

Our second snapshot in the Sales Stack series features Vidyard, a fast-growing video platform that helps sales teams deals quicker. We interviewed the team’s Director of Product Marketing, Jeff Gadway.

  1. Every sales leader reading this post will receive multiples calls and emails today from sales technology vendors. If your sales team were calling right now, what would they say?

At a time when it’s getting harder for sales organizations to cut through the noise, get noticed and focus on the right prospects, leading B2B sales teams are using video in their sales cycles to boost prospecting conversion rates, identify the best, most engaged opportunities and tailor their sales strategy to what a prospect is most interested in. A lot of that content exists in organizations already today since marketing teams are investing so heavily in video. The challenge has been that it’s been too hard for sales to quickly and easily access and use that content in the deal, at the right time. Vidyard can help!”

  1. Where does your solution fall within the modern sales stack?

Working with the workflow and systems of action that sales reps are familiar with is critical to the adoption of any sales technology. This is the downfall of many sales tech solutions. Other technologies require the rep to go somewhere else, taking them away from the technologies they live in like Salesforce, Gmail or Outlook. Vidyard works with those platforms, not against them.

“With Vidyard, sales reps can send video content right from Gmail or Outlook in just a couple clicks, making it easy to bring video into the email workflow. Video engagement data captured on each contact (what they’re watching and how long) is added right into the Salesforce lead record so that reps can see what the prospect is interested in, in the context of all the other details about that contact.”

  1. During a time when the amount of sales technology options available seem infinite, why should sales leaders pay attention to your solution?

“Today’s B2B buyers and researchers are expecting to be communicated with using video. We see this in the changing buying journey and the increased consumption of video throughout the entire path to purchase. 72% of buyers are watching video throughout the entire path to purchase, and nearly 50% are watching 30 minutes or more of video content. Sales teams need to be able to meet their customers and prospects with the types of content that they expect to engage with. Furthermore, prospecting with video or using video to deliver customer testimonials and demos can help to increase the consistency in the delivery of these messages and improve the efficiency of reps, giving them more bandwidth to drive deals to close.”

  1. If the person reading this right blog now were to take you on, what specific problem would you solve for their business, and what kinds of quantifiable results could they expect?

As a matter of fact, we took ourselves on. Vidyard uses Vidyard in a couple of specific ways:

  • First, our SDRs and BDRs use Vidyard to add video content to their email prospecting. We’ve seen as much as a 7X increase in email conversion rates by using video and Personalized Video content in our email campaigns.
  • Second, our Account Executives use Vidyard’s integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud to gain insight into which products a prospect is interested in based on their video engagement details inside the lead record. This helps them identify the deals with the highest propensity to close so they can focus their efforts
  • Third, our sales and marketing leadership teams are able to identify the video content that impacts and influences the most revenue so that we can (a) create more of that kind of content (b) ensure that content is being used by sales and (c) demonstrate the ROI on our investment in video.”
  1. Give us your absolute best customer success story in no more than 3 sentences.

“Salesforce uses Vidyard to power their internal and external video strategy from hosting thousands of videos captured at Dreamforce to delivering video demos to prospects. With the integration between Vidyard and Salesforce, Account Execs at Salesforce are sending video content over to prospects that’s tailored to that specific opportunity. Sales Leadership then tracks which videos are most impactful by measuring influenced revenue and can identify the reps and teams that are using video most effectively.”

  1. Where’s the best place our readers can go to learn more about you?

“Learn more about Vidyard at”

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