the modern sales stackWith more than 200 sales technology companies that have come to life in the past 15 years alone, it’s no wonder that TinderBox COO David Kerr says companies of all sizes are struggling with application overload.

“I think all of us suffer from this app fatigue,” he said. “Most of us probably have 5 or 6 pages of apps on our iPhones, but we probably only use 4 or 5 of those apps. I think it’s pretty similar in [this sales stack] space.”

David recently joined Mattersight Executive Vice President of Sales Richard Dresden and Paycor Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Vass for an informative session about sales technology during LevelEleven’s Modern Sales Leader Roadshow event in Chicago.

Here’s a sneak peek of the tactical tips they shared:

5 Sales Stack Insights to Choose the Right Technology


  1. “I think as a company, what we’ve really got to look at is, first of all, process: What processes do you have in place? I think you have to look at adoption: What type of adoption you’re going to get and how you’re going to drive adoption. How do you then manage the technology you’re putting in place?” – David Kerr, COO of Tinderbox
  1. “We need to look at what aligns with our sales strategy and our business strategy. And for us, it’s all about improving sales productivity, which we define as revenue per seller; so getting more revenue out of the same people we have.” – Brian Vass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paycor
  1. “For the apps we use on the inside sales team, it’s all about how can we increase volume and velocity? How can we get them to do more activity more consistently? With the field sales force, it’s really more about enabling them to be productive while they’re not in front of their computer”  – Brian Vass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paycor
  1. “The way I look at it is: Can I pitch it to my boss on an elevator as to why we either need it or don’t need it?  And if I can’t do that, then it’s probably that we don’t need it, or we don’t have enough metrics, and it’s not as important to the sales force at that time.” – Richard Dresden, Executive Vice President for Mattersight
  1. “My recommendation would be: If you are looking at new technologies, try it before you buy it. Put a pilot in place. Make sure the users who you’re buying this for have a chance to use it for 30 days or whatever the timeframe is, and get their feedback and see if it really is helpful and impactful.” Brian Vass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paycor

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The Modern Sales Stack: You Might Be Doing it Wrong [Video]
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The Modern Sales Stack: You Might Be Doing it Wrong [Video]
Are you building the right sales stack? Watch this video with three top sales leaders at LevelEleven’s Modern Sales Leader Roadshow to find out.
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