An Open Letter to Modern Sales Leaders

Dear Modern Sales Leader,

Let’s get one thing straight: I understand and appreciate how busy you are and how hard you work.

I hear the phones of my sales director, VP, CRO, CEO ringing by the minute, every day. Most of these calls and emails, however, go unanswered, unread and lack much acknowledgement at all.

Here’s the thing: I’m a sales development rep in a unique situation. LevelEleven is a sales activity management platform within Salesforce, which means I’m selling to sales leaders. (You!)

open letter to modern sales leaderAnd today, I’m reaching out to you to say give us a shot. As a sales leader, I’d be willing to bet that you have a group of sales development professionals working under you as you read this letter. SDRs who you expect to cold call directors, VPs and C-Level executives and sell YOUR product.

Ironically, modern sales leaders are asking their team to do exactly what they ignore within their own role on a daily basis. To me, it seems slightly hypocritical. Every SDR is looking for a mere 60 seconds of your day. That equals maybe five minutes per day / 25 minutes per week dedicated to giving a few SDRs a shot to pitch their product, service, etc.

If you give us this opportunity, we promise you a few things:

  • We’ll keep it brief and to the point. Your time is valuable.
  • We’ll begin the call with exactly what we expect to achieve from the call, so that you can qualify/disqualify in the first 15 seconds. (ie. “The reason for my call is…”)
  • We’ll do our research. We’ll know your role to the best of our ability. We’ll have a relevant use case handy.
  • We’ll let you talk. There’s nothing worse than a cold caller that pitches, pitches, pitches.
  • We’ll determine if it makes sense to set up next steps and figure out a date, as necessary.

Best part is we’ll do all of this within 60-90 seconds, because we’re sensitive to your time. The ask is that you give a few of us that time. Allow us to do what you ask your reps to do every single day. If we don’t stick to our promises, you have every right to hang up on us.

You never know…60-90 seconds may lead to finding a product or service that solves a multi-million dollar problem within your organization. Math may not be my forte, but that ROI is very strong.


A Dedicated Sales Development Rep

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An Open Letter to Modern Sales Leaders
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An Open Letter to Modern Sales Leaders
To all modern sales leaders, let’s get one thing straight: I understand how busy you are. But sales reps everywhere are asking you to do this one thing.
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