14 Bargain Sales Incentives Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Snip20160212_1Many of you rely on sales contests. Healthy competition — along with the recognition and coaching that come with it — can definitely change behavior on its own. But adding a little extra incentive on top of sales contests (i.e., prizes) keeps things fresh and can even boost motivation.

When it comes to choosing that incentive, yes, cash is king, but it can get old. Money also loses long-term motivational value pretty much the minute it hits a rep’s hands. (Is that rep really going to remember using the cash to pay a bill or buy groceries?)

That’s why we like to think out of the box. Recently, we’ve shared tips on affordable incentives for the new year and sales incentives for field reps. With a certain special holiday around the corner, we were inspired to whip up a whole new batch of fun (and inexpensive) incentives for when members of your stellar sales team.

This Valentine’s Day (and every day), show your reps some love.

14 Bargain Sales Incentives Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. Flowers or Decorative Plant

To adorn the winner’s desk. 

2. Silly Valentine’s Day Cards

Made by each team member for winner.

3. Create-Your-Own Candy Bar

Let your reps have if their way.

4. Fruit Bouquet

Or other type of fun gift basket.

5. Personalized Candy Hearts

Hint: Put something like “Sales Pro” or “#1 Sales Rep” on the hearts.

6. Bad Love Poem

The poem should be about the winner, written and recited by the rest of the team.

7. Sparkling Juice

Don’t forget the plastic champagne flutes.

8. Plush Heart

No really, like an actual heart.

9. Homemade Muffins

…or another small treat made at home by a team member. (A few healthy options.)

10. Edible Jewelry

Bracelets, rings, you name it! Diamonds may last forever, but this gift sure won’t.

11. Team Serenade

For the winning rep. Pick a love song classic and have the rest of the team sing it.

12. Realistic Valentine’s Day Cards

For the winner to hand out to the rest of the team.

13. Scented Candle

Try a chocolate or candy scent — something sweet!

14. Fancy Hand Lotion

Ok, it doesn’t have to be that fancy. But nobody wants dry skin.

And that’s all! Well, not really. We’ve got tons of more sales incentive ideas for your team. Check them out here:


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