10 Quotes On Mastering Sales KPIs From Hubspot

mastering sales kpisSimply having key performance indicators (KPIs) is not going to increase sales performance.

It’s important that you define, track and display those sales KPIs, in addition to creating a culture that’s driven and motivated by them.

Hubspot director of business development Justin Hiatt recently spoke with us during a webinar and explained how he mastered KPIs with his business development team to achieve a 26 percent increase in overall sales rep activity.

Here are a few highlights:

10 Quotes On Mastering Sales KPIs From Hubspot

1. “At Hubspot, we believe sales is a science, and it starts with making sound business decisions based on this data.”

2. “Results ultimately stem from the right activities. So working backwards from the end goal like revenue to the front end of the sales process will actually help the salesperson understand the necessary activity to achieve their goal.”

3. “If your goal for 2016 is to grow your sales business by 20%, increasing individual quotas by 20% to achieve your goal as a business leader likely won’t win you any points in the culture department, and your reps likely won’t feel like they can overachieve it based on their historical performance. Instead, slightly increasing the quote and the incenting them through different things like contests, recognition, bonuses, etc. will help them feel they can overachieve their number and likely have them go above and beyond.”

4. “If you’re hiring the right people, they’re going to work extremely hard to perform and collectively achieve the goals you need as an organization, and ultimately organically create the sales culture you desire.”

5. “I think picking up the phone and dialing it does not produce a result. The actual act of connecting with someone does. Because of that, I don’t measure calls and dials. I measure connects and interactions.”

6. “Smart salespeople know they need to spend the time on the phone selling, so cracking the whip to make dials will only ultimately discourage them from doing the right activity.”

7. “I think the key with KPIs is to not manage to them, but use them as a means of measurement and as a means to encourage them [salespeople] to want to do the right thing.”

8. “Measuring KPIs and making them visible to your sales team is a great thing to leverage. Having a tool like LevelEleven or a sound CRM system that shows exactly where a salesperson is at all times helps them stay the course.”

9. “Adjusting KPIs to drive behavior that you need to drive results to your business is extremely important.”

10. “By having really clean sales data, creating a sales culture where people can overachieve, setting KPIs that drive actual results and consistently monitoring, measuring and adjusting them, I’ve really been able to improve many parts of business development here at HubSpot.”

Want to go deeper into the process Hubspot used to create a world-class business development team and achieve a 98% retention rate in reps? Grab a copy of our newest case study:

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10 Quotes On Mastering Sales KPIs From Hubspot
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10 Quotes On Mastering Sales KPIs From Hubspot
Simply having KPIs will not increase sales performance. Here's how Hubspot mastered sales KPIs to achieve a 2% increase in overall sales rep activity.
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