Sales continues to shift. Quota will always matter greatly, but it steals less focus from modern sales leaders. Contemporary coaching replaces THE NUMBER, or revenue, with the numbers, or key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the activities leading to revenue.

In other words, instead of simply setting quotas and then coaching with questions around what will close, you figure out that each rep needs X number of conversations per week to book the number of demos that will result in the number of opportunities needed in the pipeline to hit the new business goals needed to get to quota. You use data to figure out how to get to your goals. And you coach around that.

Make sense?

Because you chose to read a piece promising to reveal whether your sales KPI strategy’s on point, we’re going to assume that’s a yes. (In the case that it’s a no, check out our eBook: “Why Modern Sales Leaders Drive with KPIs.”)

Maybe your culture’s shifting from traditional to data-driven as you read this. Maybe it already did. Regardless, this is all fairly new, so it’s natural to wonder how your sales KPI strategy stacks up. Check out this list to find out. Then work for the moment when you agree with every point on it.

Your sales KPI strategy’s on point when…

1. This isn’t part of the strategy behind hitting your sales revenue goal:

2. Or this:

3. In fact, you stay pretty cool.

4. Because you already mapped it all out.

5. You know which sales KPIs will accelerate new business growth.

6. And so does your team.

7. You all have complete visibility around those sales KPIs.

8. In real time.

9. So you know exactly when sales performance is about to fall.

10. And you can fix it before it sets you off track.

11. Even when sales performance is good, you all collaborate to learn from one another.

12. Your salespeople seek out coaching from top-performing peers.

13. And they know exactly who those peers are.

14. You ask your team for feedback around sales KPIs.

15. And you use it.

16. When you coach them, it’s not around revenue but the KPIs that lead to it.

17. So your team knows exactly how to get to where they need to go.

18. And they stay motivated to get there.

19. Which means when end of quarter comes, you can all do this:

20. Because you knew how to hit your goals, and you worked to get it done.

Here’s to being a modern sales leader.

Why Modern Sales Leaders Drive with KPIs

20 Signs Your Sales KPI Strategy Is on Point [in GIFs]
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20 Signs Your Sales KPI Strategy Is on Point [in GIFs]
Curious whether your sales KPI strategy's on point? These 20 GIFs will let you figure that out.
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