3 “Hall of Fame” Cold Call Objections

Being fresh out of Syracuse University (Go Orange!), I wasn’t sure what to expect when I took on the role of business development manager for LevelEleven. But once I joined the team, I quickly found where my greatest challenge would be: Cold calling. I basically get 30-second windows to capture prospects’ attention, gain their trust and pitch them on ways in which we can help drive sales within their organizations.

During these 30 seconds, I’m often able to have some great conversations. But then there are the objections, which anyone in business development knows are simply part of the cold call game. The thing that surprised me is that there tend to be 3 options out there. And so I present…the “Hall of Fame of Cold Call Objections”:

1. The Switch-over.

“I’m sorry, I’m on the other line. Can you send me an email?”

I love this one. Sure, there is a chance the prospect is actually on the other line. And if so, they look like this guy.

2. The Meeting Pause.

“I’m in a meeting. Can you call me at another time?”

Apparently she’s right, whether you’re in the middle of a meeting or not.

3. The Simple Answer.


Call me crazy, but where I come from, typically conversations start with “Hi” or “Hello.”

There it is! The Hall of Fame of Cold Call Objections. Do you have some to add? We’d love to see them in our “Comments” section below. But in the meantime, remember: While it can be tough out there, you just have to keep smiling, keep dialing and occasionally laugh at some of the great responses you receive.

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3 “Hall of Fame” Cold Call Objections
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3 “Hall of Fame” Cold Call Objections
If you make cold calls, you've definitely heard these three responses.
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