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Connections 2014 Insider's Guide
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We all know that going to conferences can be stressful, and making preparations intimidating . With so many variables, from travel arrangements to attending sessions, meeting with clients or just finding time to eat and exercise, you have to be sure to plan for as much as you can, and be prepared to adapt as things happen along the way.

We put together the Connections 2014: Insider’s Guide to help with just that–because if you wait until you’re there to start deciding what to do, more likely than not you’ll end up stressed out and accomplishing less than you had hoped. Hosted by the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Connections is the definitive digital marketing conference, so you’ll want to make sure you do it right! And September 23-25 is coming up fast, so get your free copy of the Insider’s Guide, and you’ll be well on your way to making this year’s Connections conference one to remember!

Take a peek at what you’ll find in the Insider’s Guide below:


Device Boost
It’s just going to happen: You’re going to run out of battery on your phone, tablet
and/or laptop at some point over these four days. Make sure you have a mobile
charger, extra battery or whatever else will deter your devices from stalling your
conference experience.

Light Tablet
If you have a tablet, it’s a good idea to bring it to this one. Something lighter that
gives you an immediate way to access and then leverage the notes you’ll take will
come in handy.

Networking Goals
Make a list beforehand of the people you would like to meet and, when possible,
reach out to them before the conference to get a time on the calendar.

Kick Comfort
This one’s a given. You’re going to be walking a lot; make sure to pair that business
casual attire with some comfortable kicks.

Running shoes
If you’re a runner, bring your shoes and gear to join the informal running
groups that meet each morning in front of the JW Marriott. Tip: The best way to
find the latest on running times and stay informed on the group is to follow
“@ExactTarget” and the conference hashtag, “#CNX14,” on Twitter.”

Connections 2014 Insider's Guide


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