How Interactive Intelligence Drove 6X their Conference Registration Goal

Interactive Intelligence
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There’s no substitute for getting face time with customers or potential customers, which means, when companies invest in hosting or attending a major event, making the most of it is an absolute must.

Interactive Intelligence knew this to be true. A leading provider of call center technologies and software solutions, the company hosts a global conference every year which brings important customers, partners, prospects and stakeholders together to learn about the company’s vision and participate in thought leadership sessions. They ran a campaign using LevelEleven with the goal of aligning sales and marketing so that together, the teams could drive greater customer attendance at the conference.  

Trying to increase the previous year’s registrants by 5%,  the Interactive Intelligence team blew past that goal on the way to a whopping 30% increase in registrations–beating their goal by 6XIf you wanted to visualize all that extra value, it might look something like this:

We put together a quick case study to share their story. Here’s an excerpt:

“In addition to the increase in attendance, the sales reps involved gained traction right away and were more knowledgeable about the conference and more connected than ever before. Also, since the executives had real-time daily visibility into the results, they were able to publicly recognize the efforts and success of the team, which helped boost morale and motivation even more.

The team also inspired more motivation out of one another. In fact, one of the members who was originally lagging behind felt compelled to put forth more effort once he saw how much effort was being put forth by the rest of the team. That individual knew his chance of winning the competition was limited, but still was motivated to eventually excel along with the others – all within a positive and focused team environment.”


Interactive Intelligence

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