Sales Contest Idea: Opportunities for BBQ

BBQAfter one harsh winter, it’s officially barbecue season. Take advantage of that for some extra sales motivation this month. Build your next sales contest around opportunity creation and progression, and offer the winning team a BBQ lunch. It’ll get you ready for Q3 and allow you to take full advantage of what might be the best season of the year. (At least for those of us in the Midwest.) 

Here’s how you can structure the contest:

  • Name: BBQ an Opportunity 
  • Goal: Get sales team to focus on generating new opportunities & advancing current opportunities to a key stage in the sales process
  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Team structure: Divide your sales team into 2 teams (or whatever’s appropriate according to the size of your team). As for team names? Go for something fun like Team Hamburger, Team Hotdog…you get the point. Everyone will laugh about that.
  • Points: 10 points when new opportunities get logged in Salesforce; 25 points when current opportunities advance to Stage [insert # of critical stage in your sales process]
  • Incentive: An afternoon grill-out at the office for the winning team, or BBQ ordered in if grilling out isn’t an option


LevelEleven eBook

If you use LevelEleven, don’t stop reading quite yet. Here’s how you can build this one out:

1. Overview

Contest Name – BBQ an Opportunity

Choose Winners by – Total number of points

Start/End date – 2 weeks

Sales Contest Overview
2.  Behaviors to Motivate

a. Create Opportunity

Choose Winners By – Total Number of Points

Scoring Type – Points Per Behavior

Behavior Name – Opportunity Created

Points – 10

Filter – Created date within contest


b. Move opportunity to significant stage

Choose Winners By – Total Number of Points

Scoring Type – Points Per Behavior

Behavior Name – Critical Stage Progression

Points – 25

Filter – Stage equals “Looking for a pen” (Example – Your system will show your pick list fields)

Sales Contest Idea Behaviors

3. Prizes

1st Prize – BBQ Lunch for the Team

BBQ Lunch

4. Participants/Observers – Team Based

Team 1 – Team Hamburgers

Team 2 – Team Hotdogs

Sales Contest Idea Participants

5. Contest Notification Options

Point of Contact – Who ever created the contest

Contest Launch Notification – Email, Chatter

Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – Daily, Chatter Notifications

Contest Bulletin Board – Upload a picture of BBQ

Real Time Alerts – Pop Up

Sales Contest Notifications using LevelEleven

6. Launch Contest


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