8 Signs You’re Ready for Sales Motivation Software [Free eBook]

Sales Motivation Software
Is it time for sales motivation software?

There’s software for almost anything these days. Literally. Even toothbrushes are connected. And most of this new software exists to bring you value in some way. Overwhelming, right? How in the heck are you supposed to decide what kinds of software actually deserve your investment?

Our new eBook can help. Well, at least when it comes to sales motivation software. The content shares 8 signs that you’re ready for sales motivation software.

Here’s an excerpt, which shares two of those signs:

1. You’re unsure where to keep your team focused. 

Some leaders might not admit to this one, but how can you not struggle with determining where to focus your team’s efforts from time to time? All that new software we talked about is bringing us all new data. From everywhere. Want to know how long a prospect spent on your site, looked at your email, talked to a team member on the phone? There’s an app for that.

The good news about sales motivation software is that it should help you sort through some of that and decide where to focus your team. Because it’s…well, software, it should allow you to create automated reports pretty easily (depending on the vendor, of course!). Use those reports to choose what you’ll motivate….

  • More calls?
  • More demos?
  • Quicker follow-ups with leads off of a certain list?

…then start to motivate it.

You can also always use sales motivation software to test different levers, too — motivating one behavior (quick sales wins?) and then another (face-to-face meetings?),  until you can determine which has the greatest impact. [Read about one team who did just that — and produced $5.8M as a result — here.]

2. You don’t have strong sales and marketing alignment. 

This really comes back to getting your team focused on the right things, but it’s worth a separate mention anyway.

Let’s say your marketing team comes out with an awesome webinar campaign, which generates a ton of leads with potential to become serious opportunities. How likely is it that one of these things might happen in your environment…

  • Some or all of those leads aren’t followed up with at all
  • Some or all of those leads aren’t followed up with in a timely manner
  • Details on those leads aren’t logged as they’re discovered, resulting in lost data…?

On the other hand, if you used sales motivation software as soon as you recognized that this would be an impactful campaign, you’d be keeping your sales team focused on the leads it produced, and therefore, churning out opportunities.

And this is one example. Sales motivation software allows your sales and marketing teams to form one strong, cohesive business unit.  

Get a copy of the free eBook to read the rest! 

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