In a recent SellingPower post, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discusses sales gamification. He admits: “Buzzword or not, falling into a trendy category has its advantages.” It’s gotten LevelEleven some great exposure and attention.

But then Bob reveals the other side of it: “On the other end of the spectrum, though, we battled misconception after misconception as we worked to show potential clients that gamification isn’t just some add-on for young teams who want to establish or reinforce a cool culture.”

And it’s that misconception that we developed this infographic to reveal. Check it out, and then if you want to learn more, give a quick read.

Sales Gamification Infographic by LevelEleven


Sales Gamification: All Play, No Work? Not Exactly [Infographic]
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Sales Gamification: All Play, No Work? Not Exactly [Infographic]
Is sales gamification just fun and games? Check out this infographic to find out.
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