10 Sales Contest Ideas That Work [Free eBook]

Sales Contest Ideas eBookWe know you’re busy. Really, really busy. And you have all sorts of things to worry about. We don’t want sales contest ideas to be one of those things.

That’s why we wrote our latest eBook: “10 Sales Contest Ideas That Work.” 

Check it out to get 10 full sales contest plans, which outline everything from sales contest names to point structures and even sales incentive suggestions. The contests also come with tips, so you’ll understand how to leverage them in your own specific sales environment.

Here’s an example of one of the sales contest ideas shared:

Contest #1: A Champion’s Welcome

Quicken onboarding.

Where to Start: Want to get new sales reps in the game quicker? Pick 1-2 of your main products or services that are relatively easy to understand for a new rep and also have high value for prospects.

Team Format: Individuals


  • 1 point every time a rep secures an opportunity around that product or service
  • 2 points every time a rep gets to Stage 2 in your sales process with that product or service
  • 5 points every time a rep gets to the stage just before a close with that product or service

Length: 2 weeks

Incentive: Some sort of “trophy” the winner can place on their desk. Then, if the new rep feels overwhelmed at any point during onboarding, they’ll have something positive to catch their eye from time to time.

(Tip: Stuck on trophy ideas? Head to the toy section of a local department store and pick up the funniest figurine you can find.)

Okay, now it’s time to check out the other 9 ideas.  

Sales Contest Ideas eBook

10 Sales Contest Ideas That Work [Free eBook]
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10 Sales Contest Ideas That Work [Free eBook]
This eBook shares 10 sales contest ideas that work. You'll get contest names, sales incentive suggestions, point structures and team formats for each idea!
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