A Story of Sales Gamification, by Morningstar [Video]

Maybe you’re sick of hearing the “whys  behind, and best practices around, sales gamification. Maybe you just want to hear a real company share a real story about a real gamification experience. If that’s the case, maybe today’s your day.

Morningstar‘s sales leadership used gamification to increase demos, sales and Salesforce adoption. And they let us capture their story. Take 3 minutes to check out the video.

Or, read the transcript…

Greg: Hi, my name is Greg Ver Beek. I am senior vice president of sales and global operations with Morningstar, and I’ve been with the firm for 12 years.

Morningstar is the leading provider of independent financial research. We were founded here in Chicago back in 1984, and today we operate in 27 different countries.

Steve: Hi, I’m Steve Novak. I’m the senior vice president of sales for Advisor Solutions. We recently implemented Salesforce.com to the company, so this was a great way to kick off the adoption of the product and ensure that the team is using it to its fullest.

Greg: One of the things that we liked about Compete was that it offered lots of flexibility. We could offer not only tracking sales activities, but also total sales.

The name of our contest was called “Driving Direct Demos,” and Direct is the name of the product that we offer here at Morningstar. And the goal was for each of the salespeople to deliver as many demos of our product to our customers as possible during the trial period. And there was an award, or a cash prize that was awarded, to the top three who delivered the most demos.

Steve: When the sales contest was announced there was some excitement around the group, and ultimately, demonstrations increased, which led to more sales.

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Fabrisi, regional sales director with Morningstar’s Advisor Solutions Group. Having the leaderboard definitely kept the results in our face the entire time. Especially towards the end of the competition, a lot of people were definitely looking at the leaderboard and trying to figure out who was going to win.

Steve: One aspect of the sales competition that was really beneficial to me was the fact that it was not manual. In the past when we have had sales competitions and sales contests, we would have to work with spreadsheets, enter the data manually, track it manually. This sales competition eliminated all that manual work and was easy to track and monitor and follow, especially for the sales representatives.

Dave: I think it got us more focused and motivated, both in terms of competing with one another and also just adopting the behaviors that were the underlying goal of the competition itself – so, using Salesforce more effectively and trying to quickly ramp up sales activity.

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A Story of Sales Gamification, by Morningstar [Video]
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A Story of Sales Gamification, by Morningstar [Video]
Curious what really happens when sales gamification gets implemented in a work environment? Let Morningstar tell you their story.
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