How to Prevent Cheating in Sales Contests [Free eBook]

In this scene from Old School cheating is funny:

But when it comes to sales contests, cheating is no joke. When offering a prize on top of a contest, there’s a lot of pressure to ensure accurate results – to make sure the right person gets the incentive. And even when offering nothing more than a contest with bragging rights, you don’t want to motivate dishonest habits.

We wrote an eBook to help you stifle the chances of doing that.

Download “How to Prevent Cheating in Sales Contests,” and get 4 best practices that you can use to make sure your contests only encourage positive behaviors. 

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the tips the eBook shares:

Consider Pre-Contest Points 

The Scenario: One of your sales reps knows you’ll launch a new contest in two weeks and that after it starts he’ll get one point for each new opportunity he logs in your CRM system. He decides to just wait and not log any new opportunities between now and the time the contest starts. Then he’ll get points for everything he’s done in the two weeks leading up to the contest, too. He’ll definitely get ahead.

The Solution: When the competition starts, announce that you’ll be giving participants one point for every opportunity they logged over the past month. Let them know they can take those points into the contest. The surprise should help to deter your team from attempting to accumulate points by cheating this way in the future. It’ll reward them for what they accomplished when they thought nobody was watching, too.

Get the full eBook: “How to Prevent Cheating in Sales Contests!” 


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