Looking for a new work contest idea? This month, we say you heat up your customer service, by creating a competition around the speed of answering a call and the amount of closed cases completed in one week.

As incentive for contest participants, you can offer something many regions would appreciate this time of year: A free, hot lunch delivered to the winner.

The great part? On top of having a new competition idea to mix things up, you’ll also be ensuring that your team’s interactions with customers and prospects don’t look like this:

If you’ll use LevelEleven’s Compete to run the competition, check out the simple instructions for building it below. And even if you don’t use Compete, please let us know how your November competition turns out!

Have fun with this one!

Building the Contest:

1.) Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Cases

Competition Type

2) General Information

  • Contest Name – Close Them Out
  • Choose Winners by – Points
  • Start/End date – 1 Week

General Information

3) Behaviors to Motivate

a) Case Open Time

    • Behavior name – Open Time Less Than 2 Minutes
    • Cases modified, Filter on custom field, Customer contact time, 10 points
    • Add motivated behavior

Behaviors to Motivate

b) Cases Closed

    • Behavior name – Cases Closed
    • Cases modified, Status equals closed, 25 point
    • Add motivated behavior

Cases Closed

4) Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Hot Lunch
  • Tie Breaker – First to score


5) Participants/Observers

  •   Populate participants & observers

Populate participants & observers


6) Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – The person who created the contest
  • Contest Launch Notification – email, Chatter Notifications and pop-up
  • Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – Daily, Chatter
  • Earning Entries – Pop-up Notifications

Contest Notification Options


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