Dreamforce 2013 Attendees: Win a Free 2-night Stay in Vegas!

VegasFirst, we made a list. It looked like this:

What we’d like out of Dreamforce attendees:

  1. Stop by our booth
  2. Hang out with us for a bit after stopping by
  3. Spread the word that others should visit us, too

Then we asked the obvious: How should we motivate these activities? And we stopped right there, because the answer was simple

As providers of Compete, a Salesforce gamification app, motivation is our business. It’s just what we do. Sure, it typically involves leveraging gamification to motivate sales teams around activities like making more calls, closing more deals and obtaining stronger Salesforce adoption – but why couldn’t we gamify Dreamforce, too?

We couldn’t come up with one good answer. We did, however, come up with a plan. We’ll motivate those three activities mentioned by letting each one translate to entries into our giveaway. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT’LL ALL WORK. 

And the winner will get…

A trip to Las Vegas with one guest for two nights. If you happen to be that lucky person, we’ll take care of your flight and hotel. We’ll also give you spending money, so you won’t be stuck eating here:

…or spending time here:

Don’t forget to check out the official giveaway details. We’ll see you at booth N2107!

You can also check out LevelEleven’s Dreamforce 2013 page to learn more about our involvement in the conference — from what sessions we’re participating in, to who’s going, to how you can schedule time in our Moscone meeting room. 


Kristy Sharrow
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Kristy Sharrow
Will you be at Dreamforce 2013? Find out how you and a guest could win a free 2-night stay in Las Vegas.
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