“Do I Let This Prospect Go?” — Avoiding the Question

fishing-for-moneyAs salespeople, how often do we find ourselves wondering: Is this prospect worth my time? The problem is we fail to properly qualify a potential customer right off the bat. The lines are blurred because we haven’t asked the right questions.

That being said, the key to not wasting our time chasing is all in the setup. We must take a step back, actually listen to what the prospect is telling us, and put ourselves in position to get an answer. Follow these four rules, and you’ll be set to do that:

1. Ask the tough questions


Get prospects to answer these questions as early as you can:

  • “What are your main initiatives this quarter?”

  • “What is your process for moving forward with our offering?”

  • “What do you need to see from me to make a decision?”

  • “Do we need to involve anyone else to make a decision?”

  • “When can we reconnect to figure out next steps?”


2. Ask your prospect to do some work


Don’t be afraid to ask your prospect to take some action, with a question like:

  • “Could you come to our next call prepared with a quick list of the top 5 challenges your sales teams are facing and how you plan to solve them?”


3. Set expectations

Make sure that your expectations align with the prospect’s, by asking:

  • “What are your expectations?”

  • “What problems are you looking to solve?”

  • “If we can show you X will you agree to Y?”

  • “If we can solve this problem will we have your business?”

  • “In your opinion, how does our solution address your challenges?”


4. Stay in the game

Remember the following general tips, as you move along:

  • Stay active in setting a timeline. For example, always suggest dates for follow-up calls, rather than leaving it at, “I’ll wait to hear from you.”

  • If they say no, let it go but keep them in “nurture” mode.

  • If you don’t hear anything, check their pulse every few days.

  • Keep in mind there are a lot of other things going on at the company outside of your control so you are probably not their top priority.

  • Don’t overdo the check-ins.

  • Always bring value on a call or email, whether that means sharing an article relevant to that prospect’s goals, or information on an upcoming event that might be of interest.


“Do I Let This Prospect Go?” — Avoiding the Question
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“Do I Let This Prospect Go?” — Avoiding the Question
How many times have you wondered whether to let a prospect go? Take four steps to avoid having that happen in the future.
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