Can Sales Leaderboards Demotivate Those Not at the Top? [Free eBook]

Bad Sales Leaderboard Practices

When it comes to controversial questions, this is the big one (in the world of workplace competitions, that is): Can sales leaderboards demotivate those not at the top?

Some of you want to shout, “YES!” And we get it. It’s easy to give accolades to the people at the top of a leaderboard, but when it comes to the people who land anywhere else, the situation can get tricky. There’s a fear of frustrating those employees to the point of harming morale or productivity.

We wrote our latest eBook  Can Sales Leaderboards Hurt Motivation? – because we want you to get rid of that fear. Designed to be a quick read, the piece covers whether sales leaderboards can, in fact, hurt motivation (you might be surprised at our answer) and what you, as a sales leader, should do about it.

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