Salesforce Tip Video: Easy, Efficient Imports

This guest “Salesforce Tip of the Week” comes from Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), a software development company based in Troy, Michigan. Here’s what the video comes down to: Importing leads into Salesforce can be an easy, efficient process. In fact, it should be nothing less. Watch the video to see DCS’ marketing specialist, Ben Reese, explain the details.

Or, check out the transcript:

Salesforce Tip: Easy, Efficient Imports

Hello, my name is Ben Reese. I’m at Dimensional Control Systems. We’re a software development company that develops software for engineering, manufacturing and design. We handle variation analysis and quality management systems.

We use Salesforce for our CRM system and for our customer relationship management.

For the “Tip of the Week,” we recommend using an import wizard, which allows you to import large lists of leads from your events, conferences and your webinars. 

In this way, you can gather all of your leads together with the fields that you want populated in Salesforce and import them all at once, instead of doing it manually one at a time and possibly missing fields or valuable information that you might need later.

We recommend building a template that you can then pass on to your employees, so you can have all the fields that you want to make sure are populated within the template. That way when they fill out the information on their leads, you’ll already have all of the information you’re going to need later on, and you can easily import that for use in your Salesforce system.

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