Video: “10 x 10” for Data Quality in Salesforce

When LevelEleven Account Executive Brendan Hartt asks clients what they want to motivate within Salesforce, he most often hears these two words: data quality. Check out this quick video to see one best practice he suggests in response, based on how he promotes data quality in Salesforce at LevelEleven…

Or, check out the transcript:

“10 x 10” for Data Quality in Salesforce

Hi, my name’s Brendan Hartt. I’m an account executive here at LevelEleven. 

I live and breathe inside of on a daily basis to track and manage all of my customer interactions and prospecting efforts, from following up on leads or progressing an opportunity that I’m working throughout the sales funnel, to even staying on top of customer cases. 

My “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is focused around data quality.

There’s a conversation that’s been brought up in a lot of my weekly interactions with my customers and prospects, where organizations are having challenges having visibility into accurate information around accounts and contacts. So, something that I really keep in mind in my daily efforts is creating relevant and accurate accounts and contact records within our Salesforce instance. 

I follow a “10 x 10” rule, and what that means is when I’m creating and have identified an account that I’m looking to target, I’ll build out the account record with ten relevant fields for that account — so, for example, a website, the industry type, annual revenue, maybe a description of the actual account — as well as ten contact records in different roles within the organization, before I’m even picking up the phone or sending out an email.

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Video: “10 x 10” for Data Quality in Salesforce
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Video: “10 x 10” for Data Quality in Salesforce
Need tips for promoting data quality in Salesforce? Start with this 2-minute video, courtesy of LevelEleven's "Salesforce Tip of the Week" series.
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