The Monterey Company At LevelEleven we’re always excited to bring on new clients. After all, we’re at the ground level. It’s a time when customer feedback is truly molding our organization, and it’s that feedback that’s developed our flagship product, Compete, to become the most popular gamification app in the Salesforce AppExchange. Because each new customer will help to define us, we’re going to begin highlighting them. We’d like to start by welcoming The Monterey Company

Organization: The Monterey Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Size of Company: SMB

Profile: Since 1989, The Monterey Company has been a leader in providing top-quality craftsmanship lapel pins, custom coins, medallions and other metal products. With their inbound requests they could be responding to a wide breadth of different customers, such as:  police and fire stations that wear uniform lapel pins, businesses looking to celebrate completion of a landmark project with custom coins or local sports teams in need of custom key chains.

Challenges: Paul Stark, President of The Monterey Company needs to motivate his sales team to close more deals. In doing this, he would like to better their Salesforce adoption. The majority of Paul’s team members are tenured, with multiple years of experience; one new salesperson with less industry experience has just been hired.

First LevelEleven Project Set-up: Paul is running a one-month competition around getting reps to win more opportunities. In order to create an even playing field and keep the sales team motivated, he is encompassing a few different factors into the contest’s design. First, the dollar amount of the opportunity is variable, as reps are responding to a request for a fixed number of items and defined product specs. To account for this factor, he is awarding 10 points for every Opportunity Won. Second, his new sales person does not get as many requests as more tenured reps, so he gave that team member 80 points at the start of the competition to keep them engaged (and feeling like they have a chance to win).

The prize is a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of the winning rep’s choice. Paul put a picture of a nice dinner on the Contest Bulletin Board section of the Leaderboard to keep the carrot in front of his team.

LevelEleven Project Status:  It’s two weeks into Monterey’s first competition, and it really took off! In the words of Paul: “The competition has created some buzz. It’s not about the award, but the excitement of the competition amongst Sales Reps.” And he’s even seen motivation on individual levels. The person at the top of the leaderboard is very excited to be recognized by Monterey, as she is very competitive and loves any type of competition. The person at the bottom of leaderboard turned that status into motivation. That sales rep. came to Paul and asked for coaching. As a result, Paul offered his industry expertise, along with tips on best practices for sales. Even during this short duration of coaching, Paul has seen some real improvements in this individual’s sales behaviors.

Future Plans: Paul isn’t stopping there! He is creating a competition around getting reps to improve the accuracy of their sales forecasting, and therefore improving Salesforce adoption in that category, next month.

The Monterey Company Sales Competition: Leveling the Playing Field
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The Monterey Company Sales Competition: Leveling the Playing Field
Looking for sales contest ideas? Check out what The Monterey Company is up to.
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