How Consumer Marketing Techniques Can Improve Your Sales Team

Time and time again, consumers have shown marketers one thing: they love to be rewarded. Incentivizing key behaviors within the purchase funnel has revolutionized how marketers both obtain new customers and keep the ones they already have. It’s also given consumers an active engagement with a company, creating a relationship that will ultimately lead to a sale.

How does it work?

One of the misconceptions about marketers and advertisers is that they convince people to buy products. What they actually do is convince them they want to buy a specific product. And when a consumer is offered some sort of reward for giving a marketer their time and attention, they’ll be more inclined to choose that option over a competitor. It’s one of the reasons our equity partner, ePrize, has experienced such significant success. Here are just a few numbers to illustrate just how incentives help shape customer behavior.

  • consumer-marketing-techniques-for-sales-team161% lift in visits to a brand website
  • 42% lift in likelihood to look for the advertised product in-store
  • 31% more likely to purchase the product
  • 23% increase in consideration against the competition

Are consumers the same as salespeople?

The age-old question managers are consistently asking themselves is, “How can I motivate my team to focus on the right things?” And while the answer is different for every company, at LevelEleven we believe gamification can help get people focused. The leaderboards, point, awards and the social recognition that come with gamification make the workplace a more a more interesting place. And by tapping into everyone’s competitive nature, gamification helps sales teams become focused on the right things—making calls, setting up meetings and closing deals. Because without hard work, there’s no reward.

Why gamification works

Want to learn more about how the gamification of the sales process works and how it can help your sales team? Just download our whitepaper! And don’t forget, if you have questions, feel free to contact us any time!

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