LevelEleven’s Sales Performance Platform

Some sales leaders coach only around revenue. Not you. You coach around the activities that lead to revenue, so you can amplify it. You run a modern, activity-based selling environment. We’ll help you accelerate it.

Identify and track the metrics that matter in your sales process.

The first step to success in data-driven sales is knowing which metrics your team should focus on. We’ll help you figure that out. Then you can track performance against those metrics in real time.


Keep your team focused on those metrics, and spike performance.

With so many responsibilities to juggle, even the best salespeople can’t always answer: “What should I do next?” They won’t ask that with LevelEleven. We’ll keep your team focused on your most important sales metrics — and spike performance while we’re at it.

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Motivate your team with visibility into their own sales metrics.

Give each of your salespeople access to their own performance metrics and rankings in a format that engages them. They’ll get historical and real-time data and see how they’re pacing toward future sales goals. We’ll also surround them with this data in ways that skyrocket sales motivation, using:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Chatter
  • Sales leaderboards
  • LevelEleven’s mobile app
  • Automated emails

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Do it all within Salesforce, without help from IT.

We build our platform right inside of Salesforce and for you, the modern sales leader — not IT. You won’t drain resources to launch your new platform or as you accelerate sales with it from there.

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Why LevelEleven?

Unparalleled Support

We take serious pride in supporting you, both on the technical side and in terms of strategy. Our platform is engineered with stringent testing and performance standards. You’ll also have an entire team dedicated to your success. They’ll work with you every step of the way, on not only product support but sales performance strategy.

Backed by Salesforce

Salesforce.com is an investor in LevelEleven, and its product is literally the foundation for our platform. As a native Salesforce application, LevelEleven lies right on top of Salesforce. That means you don’t have to worry about security or a complicated deployment. After downloading LevelEleven from the Salesforce AppExchange, we can get you up and running in minutes. 

Engineered Flexibility

We know your business is not the same as the next. We’ve engineered our platform so that you can easily build motivation campaigns around any data tracked in your Salesforce CRM. Literally. Our largest client motivates nurses around quality of care.

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