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April 7, 2014
|Detroit Free Press
At LevelEleven, technology has given new life to an old idea. Less than two years ago, Bob Marsh started his Detroit-based enterprise based on a simple idea: He created an app that would help other companies drive sales. Or as he puts it: He took sales contests, often managed with whiteboards and spreadsheets, to the next level (the one beyond 10).
March 17, 2014
|The Wall Street Journal
While watching the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship four years ago, NetTel Partners founder Dan Ceravolo came up with a friendly March Madness competition that would goose sales at his Philadelphia telemarketing company. NetTel makes business-to-business sales calls on behalf of technology-company clients, so Mr. Ceravolo set up a system that awarded points for each successful sales appointment made.
March 6, 2014
Whether you're a sales manager or sales rep, chances are you've heard of social selling. At first glance the trendy phrase is intuitive--selling via social media channels. But while the definition might be straightforward, understanding how to effectively use social media to generate leads and make sales is a much more crafted, considered process.
March 4, 2014
Sales gamification company LevelEleven rolled out a series of product enhancements for its Compete app, designed to increase functionality and ease of use. The updates signal more forward motion for the 16-month-old company, which was spun off from ePrize and counts among its investors.
February 20, 2014
Since launching in October 2012, Detroit-based LevelEleven — a gamification app that spun out of HelloWorld (formerly ePrize) — has added clients including Comcast and the Detroit Pistons, and most recently hired Scott Shepard, a former Yahoo! sales leader, as its vice president of sales. The West Bloomfield native spoke with DBusiness Daily News about how gamification can improve a company’s sales.