About Us

LevelEleven is used by VP’s of Sales at Concur, OpenTable and Morningstar to create energy around the key sales behaviors that drive revenue through the use of competition. Clients experience 10% to 50% increases in key sales behaviors such as booking more meetings, taking new products to market, and closing sales by effectively tapping into salespeople’s competitive nature.

LevelEleven is based in Detroit, Michigan, and part of the Detroit Venture Partners portfolio of companies. Click here to see a list of our primary investors.


Our founder and CEO, Bob Marsh, spent 12 years in sales and sales leadership roles at HelloWorld, where he worked with the world’s top brands to help them motivate consumer behavior using contests, sweepstakes and loyalty programs. Shortly after launching Salesforce.com for ePrize’s 100+ person sales team, Bob saw an opportunity to take what he’d been doing for consumer marketers and inject it inside of an enterprise to motivate salespeople.

After going to the HelloWorld CEO with the idea, Bob was given access to a few of the team’s engineers for 3 months, to build an initial version of what is now LevelEleven. A beta version launched at Dreamforce 2011, and the company signed up its first paying customer just two weeks later. Client traction continued over the following months, creating the realization that rather than being a side project, this product should be its own company. Bob then sought out Kevin O’Hara to join him as CTO and to further build out the company. LevelEleven spun out of HelloWorld and launched as its own standalone company in October 2012.